Foundation for Promoting Sound Growth of Children

The function to fix child-nurturing environment in the communities is provided in the activities of children's sound growth that through play of children's center.
We think that progress of specialties of the staff that works for children's center and after-school children's clubs is essential and hold workshops for them.
We support children's center from various sides to activate their management and activities more.

About us

In the communities, there are about 4,600 children's center that making effort for children's sound growth in the whole country.
Each children's center advances its activities for children's sound growth by the cooperation with local inhabitants and related groups in the area while utilizing their features.
We have been hoping for the developing of such activities by children's center in each place more and sound growth of all children in our country mentally and physically. "National Association of Children's Centers", the precursor of our foundation, was established in 1975 by unifying children's center in the whole country as an agency that conducts communication, adjustment, and promotions in order to achieve our purposes.
In 2000, we integrated with Toho Mutual Life Insurance Co. Social Welfare Foundation, an organization which had evolved the nationwide business to communicate and adjust the mother's club (Hahaoya club) that which is a sound growth volunteer organization, and made a start as Foundation for promoting sound growth of children.
The various businesses related the sound growth for children is being developed such as workshops for the staff of after-school children's club besides the business concerning children's center and the mother's club (Hahaoya club) at present.


  1. Business of trainings and workshops for the staff of Children's center and child clubs
  2. Appeal for activity of sound growth of children

    • Information magazine
    • Text books
    • Research on children's community life and children's center
  3. Support for activities of children's center

    • Consulting services
    • Grant programs and so on
  4. Activity support of nationwide local activity liaison council.(National association for Hahaoya clubs)
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